10 Places you must know in Puerto Vallarta, México

Panoramic View of Puerto Vallarta downtown / Fideicomiso de Puerto Vallarta

So You´re traveling to Puerto Vallarta and stay at Sheraton Buganvilias.

You did a very good choice because Puerto Vallarta is a popular beach destination, if you have already visited the city you should know that there are different activities besides sunbathing lying on the beach.

There are different tours in different beaches, you can discover the town, go shopping, go out dancing and much more, here we will list 10 locations that you must know of our beautiful city.

  1. – El Malecon

The most popular, entertaining and typical place of Puerto Vallarta. The Malecon has been the center of activity in the city since the third decade of the twentieth century, when it was known as paseo de la Revolucion.

At present they can enjoy a completely remodeled and upgrade malecon .The Malecon runs along the ocean good part of downtown Vallarta. From the Hotel Rosita to the lighthouse in Galena.

2.-Parroquia de Nuestra señora de Guadalupe

The church of nuestra señora de Guadalupe in the center of Vallarta, is a symbol of the city, not only for its historical significance, but because her beauty dominates the panorama of the city.

One block from the plaza de Armas, two blocks from the malecon, there´s no way to see it and certainly easy to find.

There is always activity in the church; Daily calls parishioners ringing their bells, church activity becomes frenetic as we approach the December 12, when the day of nuestra señora de Guadalupe is celebrated.

There are masses in English and Spanish, also you can visit the church most of the day.

Do not forget to check the rules for visitors before entering.

3.-The Romantic Zone (Viejo Vallarta)

Across the south of the Rio cuale, you will enter in the área known as Viejo Vallarta or recently dubbed romantic zone. One of the busiest sections of the city, becomes magical with its parallel and narrow streets framed by white facades and roofs making you return to the past.

There are countless shops, restaurants and smalls hotels .The streets as the sector´s historical center, are paved and the sidewalks have been remodeled to follow the design of the north of the cuale zone.

  1. – Playa los muertos

The most popular beach in Puerto Vallarta. It Has more than 1500 meters long and is very close to the malecon , the beach is an integral part of the romantic zone and joins the malecon north along the shore ,whit the bridge over the cuale river and malecon ll

The ominous name derives, according to the most accepted theory, the archaeological remains that were unearthed in the area that belonged to local tribes who had a cemetery on the site.

5.-Isla rio Cuale y Mercado

Right in the center of Vallarta , including  the romantic zone and the historical center is the rio cuale ,between two branches of the river we find the rio cuale island .passages and varied options from restaurants and coffees shops to small stores selling souvenirs ,clothing, ornaments ,jewelry and much more can be found in this wonderful corner of Puerto Vallarta .

6.- Playa Mismaloya

Mismaloya is really the place that started it all, is the main reason why Puerto Vallarta is a world famous tourist destination.

In the early 60´s mismaloya was a small fishing settlement with a perfect bay, clean, with jungle and river reached the sea, natural and wild, as there were only accessible by sea and there was no road nearby.

The beach is about 300 meters long and is a curve of soft white sand beside an emerald sea, flanked by   the jungles of the sierra Madre

7.-Museo Historico Naval

On the south side of the malecon , right next to los arcos , we can find the naval historical museum It opened in November 2006, offering a permanent exhibition with five areas including documents,maps,cartography, scale replica boats , navigational instruments , uniforms , guns and a whale skeleton . There are also temporary exhibitions.

  1. Marina Vallarta

Another excellent family trip should include Marina Vallarta. It is an area of exclusive development, including a golf course, a full marina, a business area surrounding the marina, many condos and many luxury hotels and resorts.

  1. – Los Arcos

In 1984 , Los arcos , five natural granite islands in the south a short distance from the coast between playa las gemelas and mismaloya beach ,were classified as a national marine park .The sea around is very deep it reaches 500 meters deep ,which makes the deeper waters of the Bay of Banderas.

  1. – Manuel Lepe

Finally, they cannot leave Puerto Vallarta without enjoying the work of the famous artist vallartense, Manuel lepe.

One of his murals mosaic, “Fish Vendors “is in front of the naval Museum on the malecon.

Work that reflects the traditions and sights of the city, was inaugurated for the 75th birthday of the artist, the April 17, 2011, as a reminder of its illustrious son.

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