The Christmas  holidays in Puerto Vallarta and México in general are full of customs and traditions that characterize us as Mexicans, what make the holidays something special and especially different with respect to other countries.

Here we tell you what makes Christmas holidays so special in Mexico.


The posadas last nine days which begin from December 16 and end on December 24 on Christmas Eve. These are representing the pilgrimage of St. Joseph and the Virgin Mary.


During the holidays you cannot miss the traditional piñata, the most traditional is one that represents a star with seven points that symbolize the seven  deadly sins, the material used to make piñatas can be clay or cardboard filled with sweets  and Mexican seasonal fruits.

As people try to break the piñata are encouraged singing the following:

Give, give, give, and do not lose your aim, because if you lose, you lose the way.


The Birth in the festivities is one of the most important elements if not the most important, this is a representation of Jesus’ birth, which involves the placement of ceramic figures representing the holy family. Which symbolizes the place of birth of the Virgin Mary.


The Pastorelas are Theatrical performances about the birth of Christ to the shepherds. Usually the characters embody the struggle between good and evil.

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