Paired is a program inspired by international cuisine, the tradition of world and local culture to highlight our culinary team, elevating the guest experience, and combining flavors to create distinguished unexpected taste sensations.

With Paired our guests will find the unexpected, break the rules and dine differently. Our menu expertly matched small dishes, premium wines and Craft beer. Highlighting imaginative ingredients combinations.

Our small plates are creative, imaginative and locally relevant dishes combine perfectly with our selection of craft beers and wines from Sheraton Selects.

Sheraton Selects is our specially curated premium wine menu comprised of highly rated wines. We make it easy for guests to experience these wines by offering by the bottle and by the glass or simply tasting 60 ml. Do not miss the opportunity, enjoy something classic or try a local exclusive.

Craft beer is carefully selected from the different brews to complete our small plates. The Craft Beer is known for placing a high value on quality ingredients and richness of flavor. Join us and learn about our current selection.

Paired delights the palate and invites you to explore.


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